Magnetic resonance imaging is a medical exam that uses a magnetic field and radio frequencies to generate highly detailed two or three-dimensional images of various internal organs or other body parts such as the brain, spine, joints, abdomen or breasts.

MRI enables doctors to diagnose conditions and recommend effective treatment without the use of radiation or radioactive materials.

Safe, accurate and approved by Health Canada, MRI was first used in the clinical setting in the mid-1970s. IRM Moncton MRI, the first private MRI clinic in New Brunswick, is equipped with a 3-Tesla scanner for maximum image quality.

3-Tesla MRI

3-Tesla MRI, also known as 3T MRI, is considered a global innovation in magnetic resonance imaging. It offers two to three times the signal of ordinary MRI Machine such as 1 and 1.5-Tesla scanners. The result is much higher image quality, thinner slices and increased resolution.

And besides offering better quality, the exam takes less time! The 3-Tesla is renowned throughout the medical industry for yielding images that are significantly superior to those from 1 and 1.5-Tesla scanners for examinations of the knee, shoulder, ankle, wrist, elbow, spine and brain, among other parts of the body.

The 3-Tesla at IRM Moncton MRI also means a faster exam as well as a larger (diameter 70 cm) tunnel for enhanced comfort, especially for the elderly or those suffering from obesity or claustrophobia.

3X Resolution
Faster Exams
Larger Tunnel

IRM Moncton MRI was the first clinic (public or private) in Atlantic Canada to offer this next-generation technology.

bandeau-accueil-tesla-anIRM Moncton MRI is consequently the only private healthcare clinic in Atlantic Canada offering you access to the major medical advances associated with the 3-Tesla. I

In addition to serving the clinical needs of doctors and their patients, the 3-Tesla positions IRM Moncton MRI at the leading edge of research as we also offer our services to neurology research teams. The medical staff at IRM Moncton MRI are pleased to be able to offer you the very best in MRI imaging.